Friday, November 30, 2012

Writing update, November

A pretty slow month for me, submissions wise, because I haven't finished any new stories this month. I dedicated my writerly energies in the last four weeks toward a much longer short story than I usually write (about 6,000 words, versus a typical length of 1,000-2,500 words). Usually, I'll compose three or four new stories in a month, but this one has really slowed me down.

I have three stories currently submitted to various markets. There are at least two other stories I need to re-submit, but haven't yet. I'm not quite sure whether I'll rewrite them before I do that, or whether I'll be lazy and re-submit them as they are.

In a previous post, I wrote:
Here are my submission statistics by month:
May: 3 submissions, 1 rejection (1 form)
June: 4 submissions, 3 rejections (2 form, 1 personal)
July: 4 submissions, 5 rejections (3 form, 2 personal)
August: 6 submissions, 3 rejections (1 form, 2 personal)
September: 5 submissions, 7 rejections (4 form, 3 personal)
October: 6 submissions, 4 rejections (3 form, 1 personal)
November: 3 submissions, 3 rejections (2 form, 1 personal).

I don't know if the story I'm finishing now is great, but it's a big step forward for me. Most of my stories are concerned with characters going through some period of emotional upheaval. But this one combines that emotional upheaval with a narrative arc in which stuff actually happens in the world of the story. In other words, it has a real plot.

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