Thursday, May 30, 2013

I was robbed

I was robbed a little more than a week ago. The burglar(s) tore off a screen, came in through an unlocked window, made a mess, tossed our laptops in a backpack, and took off. No one was hurt, including Halloween, because no one was home. I came home by myself about half an hour after dark. It's likely that the burglar left only a few minutes before I arrived, based on talks with our neighbors and the likelihood that it happened after sunset. Emily and I had a rough few days after that. We felt insecure at home, insecure when we left home, and, since we (mostly me) are addicted to our laptops, at loose ends.

The most meaningful casualty of the robbery was, of course, this blog. I haven't posted since it happened (to be honest, since about a week before. A bad omen?). Time to get back on track.


  1. Really sorry to hear that, Ben. People are the worst sometimes. Maybe it's time to start training Halloween to be a guard-kitty?

  2. This is just terrible! It's truly horrific to think about the extent people will go to for money. It's good that no one was hurt though, they might have been carrying weapons for all we know. I do hope you install some security measures like CCTV cameras on your living room or porch, maybe? Stay safe!

    Richard @ RDF Attorney