Friday, April 26, 2013

About posting; a picture of beer

Yikes! I haven't posted anything for two weeks. Time to get back on the horse.

There's something a little tyrannical about social media (for me, at least). I get self-conscious when I don't make a blog post for a week or two, as if there were some great demand for my content or for me to connect to the world through the blog. I used to get similarly anxious about Facebook before I decided to almost completely withdraw from it. (Hmm. As I write this, it all sounds pretty narcissistic. Or maybe paranoid. Oh well.)

After a while, I remember: the blog is my space. I can use it however I want. If I post, great. If I don't, fine--so long as I don't want to. The only person I need to satisfy is myself. I don't have any big ambitions for the blog, and I haven't applied any concerted effort to cultivate a readership. I like it when people read and comment on my blog posts, either online or in person, but, as of now, that's not why I write here. I use the blog to work out ideas, to work out the presentation of ideas in writing, and to post pictures of food and my cat.

So, for the time being, I push away my narcissistic paranoia and present a beautiful picture of beer in a glass, because I like it.

From dinner at Great Maple. (Photo by Emily!)

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