Friday, January 25, 2013

GF Fried chicken!

Gluten-free fried chicken thighs, smashed red potatoes, and steamed green beans last night for dinner at the Wilsonheldt compound. I used gluten-free AP flour instead of regular AP flour, without adding anything else--no starch, no xantham gum, no nothing. As a result the chicken's crust tended to crack and come apart instead of hanging on to the chicken. Still, the chicken tasted great. This is the second time I've made fried chicken in my deep fryer, and the first time I've made it GF. I think the GF version turned out better than the regular version. The spice mixture I used this time really worked: a ton of cajun seasoning, paprika, chili powder and salt.

Next time I might try something else in place of the flour. Any suggestions?

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